Get up to date with the human body musculoskeletal anatomy with this Transparent Science Model

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The transparent human Torso model is an interesting structure which gives a clear view of the inside anatomy of the torso. It is more like a jigsaw puzzle that can be detached and then assembled again to learn the structure in a more detailed manner and familiarize with the basic anatomy of a human torso. The model is made from plastic which means there isn’t going to be any risk of the parts getting dirty or spoiled in any other way. Medical students are specifically going to find this useful for their initial phases of learning biology. 

This apparatus can be called an introduction to human body anatomy. This tool is regarding the head musculoskeletal. All the parts can be introduced with a puzzle game. The tool is for learning and teaching aid mainly. Captivating for children's anatomy lessons as well. This charming and catchy tool increases children's interest in anatomy. This biological apparatus introduces broadly with human head musculoskeletal with detailed and potential information.

Subject: Medical Science
Type: Anatomical Model