Educational aid for human head anatomy - Right Side Human Skull Anatomy Model with muscles, nerves and blood vessels


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The Human Skull Anatomy Model life-size model represents a human skull specifying the nerve system and the blood vessels along with muscles which go into it. It only presents the right half of the human head detailed structure. Parts are good to give a clear idea of basic anatomy. The dissection also shows the brain’s internal structure along with a section of cervical vertebrae, upper respiratory tract and the pharynx. This allows the student to understand the structure in the body to with the nerves, muscles and the blood vessels are going. Medical students can make their learning easy by looking at the model and examining minute details for their better understanding.

The tool is quite handy for teaching and learning perspective. This model shows every detailed information regarding human head muscle and nerve blood vessel, it’s tissue. Mainly the tool is for educational aid. Use it for increasing the interest of children, students in medical profession and teach with the puzzle game to make it more interesting and fascinating.


Subject: Medical Science