Know the secrets hidden in human hearts anatomy with 4D Colored Human Heart Model

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This 4D Colored Human Heart Model is a detailed one with 31 detachable parts that can be assembled to form a 4 dimensional structure. All its parts are made of plastic and therefore will not get spoiled in any way. The parts are painted as well to further help in the learning process and to familiarize with the basics of a human heart. Biology and medical students are advised to buy this model as it will help them whenever they study about the anatomy of a human heart.

This heart shaped biological instrument is Introducing with the human anatomy of heart. This tool is useful for learning and teaching. It’s enriched with the each and every single detail information of human heart. All the parts can be shifted and moved to make the knowledge of human heart anatomy much more clear. It allows to explore the mystery of medical science and ensuring the fun teaching with quality.


Subject: Medical Science
Type: Anatomical Model