Charismatic knowledge of human brain with the 4D Human brain structure model

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This miniature Human Brain model of a human brain has 32 detachable parts that attach to form this whole structure. It gives details of the basic anatomy of a brain, and the colors make the difference between every part even more clear. The 4D model can be viewed from all angles, and the compact size of the structure makes it extremely easy to handle. Plastic build allows for easy handling without worrying about the parts getting wet or spoiled in any other way. The model is highly recommended for students in their early stages of medical learning.


This demo is enriched with unique and details information of human brain anatomy. Get yourself informed with each and every ethos required regarding human brain anatomy. This incredibly informatory anatomy model is a handy gadget for teaching and learning. All the parts can be re-arranged and played like a puzzle game to make the lesson effective and efficient. Increases the interest in medical science lessons. 


Subject: Medical Science