Have a perfect knowledge of human anatomy with 4D Transparent Human Body Model

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The 4D Transparent Human Body Model incorporates the whole human body and gives a transparent view of the inside anatomy. The parts inside the structure can be removed for close examination and give the basic details of how the biology of a human body is. Medical students and even children can learn a lot from this structure especially when they have just started to learn human body and its organs. The whole model is made from plastic and therefore becomes really easy to handle. Studying human anatomy will surely get easy with this transparent science model.

This unique set is with very detailed information regarding the human body anatomy. Catchy bibcock for students to learn about the human anatomy as well as good for teachers to teach. All the parts can be moved and it can be learnt with puzzle game much more clearly which ensures a transparent idea on human body anatomy. Makes the lessons interesting and easier for children with the game. A good gift for medical students.


Subject: Medical Science
Type: Anatomical Model