About Us

I have known a number of doctors throughout my life, the idea for a website of this kind hit me one very cold evening when I was working on a website for doctors listing. Let me give you a brief background.

I am an entrepreneur living in small, cultural city of Canada, called Winnipeg, and you might have heard of it dubbed as a city colder than Mars (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/colder-than-mars-winnipeg-film-1.3408333) (which I can vouch for because it does get as cold as -45 degree (with the wind-chill) or even lower, freezing I tell you). Anyone interested in living on Mars should just come here, in the harsh, bitter winter that will literally chill you to the bone.

So I was making this listing, and I came into contact with a number of doctors thanks to it. While working with them, I realized how hard they work to make our lives so much better. They sacrifice their time, strength and effort to make their patients the healthiest they can be. Doctors slave away, working long hours, but they do have a life outside if this very tiring but rewarding profession. They are fathers, mothers,  husbands and wives to someone and then there are medical students as well, who are constantly buried under loads of study work to become better doctors in the future and miss out on so much due to all of this. So they need to be appreciated for all their effort every once in awhile.

And what better way to do it than with a gift? A small token of appreciation to rejuvenate their spirits. That is how this site came into being as it is hard to shop for doctors. We are working for this very purpose and have made it all easier by bringing you so many medical related products under one roof. Showing your love and respect for the doctors in your life by a gift that reflects the profession will make them very happy. It will mean a lot to them and will make any occasion better.

So browse around the site to find the perfect gift for your doctors. Whether you want to find a fun cute thing for your colleague, a nice respectful gift for your boss, a gift that shows your love and appreciation for your spouse or if you are just a parent wanting to show be there for your hard working child who is a medical student or a doctor, you will find everything here. You can find jewelry in the shape of a 3-D heart for your beloved cardiologist, brain anatomy earring for your awesome neurosurgeon friends, an “almost a doctor” t-shirt for your medical students or a fun, quirky gift like a pill-shaped USB, or a tooth shaped gadget. We have got it all here.

So that is what thanks doctor is all about, showcasing your love for the doctors in your life and appreciating them for their time and effort with medical related unusual fun gifts they would love to use, and that would mean a lot to them.