Learning human Torso musculoskeletal anatomy with puzzle playing of anatomy model


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The Small Human Torso Musculoskeletal Anatomy model has 32 detachable parts which can be assembled to form a small human torso. All the parts are painted and the colors make the structure even more detailed. Plastic material makes it easy to handle the parts without having to worry about any of it getting dirty, wet or spoiled in any other way. Student studying biology and human anatomy can benefit from the model because they get to examine the structure up close and familiarize with the basics of it.

With detailed and fulfilled information of human musculoskeletal anatomy this tool is mainly used in learning and teaching. The lessons can be learnt or taught with puzzle game that makes the learning easy to memorize and interesting to keep the interest. Good for children to make them have an early interest in medical science.


Subject: Medical Science
Type: Anatomical Model