Jul 2018

An ample amount of information in the gyri and sulci cells of the brain can get clogged up and you might want to vomit and somehow try to free yourself of all the chains. Why? When exams are overhead, everything around you starts evaporating, words start dancing, birds hum your most disdained songs, your thoughts about the human body somehow feel difficult to comprehend and you might as well call it quits.


Panic and stress attack:

Few seconds to few minutes lasting panic attacks, anxiety issues, sensorineural deafness (not in reality though), the kind of fever that makes you hide in a closet. An earthquake called 'taking exams' solely can cause such a devastating impact on a medical student's mind. Appearing for exams brings with it the power of being candidly judged, bad-mouthed before many people or at least before your viva partner and a different scale of stress which could either uplift you or bring you down.


Two kinds of medical students:

There are two kinds of medical students, one called early risers (who give exams for knowing things) and the second one called late risers (who give exams only for the sake of giving it). An early riser will study every day, attend lectures, make notes, and answer all the questions asked during the class. A late riser will study a day before exams, won't attend too many lectures, won't make too many notes, and will not answer all the questions asked during the class. They both have an awfully different set of values. And, when they appear for exams, they both also react in different manners.


An early riser will seem more confident, clear with basics, knowledgeable and have a sane mind. A late riser will seem anxious, unclear with basics, feeble-minded and have an insane mind. The reason being, medical students ought to grasp a lot, because human beings are the greatest species on this planet earth and a doctor must know almost everything related to the human body. If he's wrong, he will be corrected, but, if he remains silent during exams, which can happen in the case of late risers, then something is clearly wrong with his study tactics.


Preparation is the key:

A medical student goes through a lot if he's not ready for the exams, but he will find it a piece of cake, or a child's play if he's ready. Thus, preparation is the only key to appearing for medical exams. There's a huge difference between book sense and common sense. Book sense will take you to a road with several potholes and speed breakers, but common sense will take you to a road with skyline bridges! Innumerable revisions, a classic collection of notes, and referring to many journals along with a bag full of encouragement can do wonders in a medical student's life. You should motivate yourself as often as you bathe. You don't need great grades. Just make sure, you know how to apply theory. And, if you put in enough efforts, you will graduate with flying colors!