6 Things Doctors Hate Hearing From Patients
May 2018

Studying medicine for years is no joke, and it takes a lot of effort and struggles to become a doctor. Doctors have to have complete knowledge about the field they are working in. Everything that is done by doctors is awe-inspiring; however, the most difficult part of the working of doctors is their communication with patients. Interaction with patients can be tiring for the doctors as patients sometimes become doctors themselves only by googling things out. Here is a list of a few things which should never be said in front of a doctor:

  1. Referring the tablets to names like “I take that white pill, you know which one”

A doctor reported that patients mostly take medications without even knowing what is being taken and it can be dangerous for them as well as the doctor. When the patients remember their medication only by their size and color, chances of these things getting mixed up become higher and putting the patient’s health in danger.

2. Insisting on completing the paperwork on spot

Paperwork is the most important part of a medical profession, and doctors take the paperwork very seriously. So patients should avoid asking the doctors to fill the paperwork there and then. If the doctor hurriedly fills the paperwork, things might get messy, and it will be a problem for both the doctor and the patient.

3. "But Dr. Oz Said"

Don’t take anything seriously being said by Dr. Oz, people might have different opinions about liking or disliking him, but he is not your doctor. Your doctor who has been treating you for a long time knows your problem and your suitability for different medicine. If the patient has questions about his health, he/she should ask the questions from the doctor who is treating them.

4. “I think, I just need Antibiotics”

Not everything can be solved by using Antibiotics, before asking your doctor about the antibiotics straight away. The patient should let the doctor diagnosed him and then prescribe him drugs according to the need of his body. Moreover, antibiotics used in more than prescribed dosage or excessive use of antibiotics can cause tolerance, and they won’t affect the patient.

5. Belief about vaccinations being bad for patient’s health.

It has been a popular belief recently that vaccinations are bad for health and one should not get vaccinated. If the patient has any concerns regarding any drug, medication or injectable, he/she must ask his doctor instead of only searching it on the internet. The doctors can answer you more satisfactorily than any website.

6. When they ask about looking at the person they brought with them (a child or friend)

Doctors face this situation a lot of times while treating one patient, and they would ask the doctor to have a look at the person they have come along with. The appointment was managed only for the single patient only, and patients must not exploit it because it does not fall under the umbrella of doctor-patient etiquette.