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Why? Communication between a doctor and his/her patient is the most important factor in health care profession. Health care professional, including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff is taught to communicate with their patients effectively. Communication is not only about talking to the patient politely and explaining everything to him, but communication is also about rapport building with the patient, sustain patients’ dignity, and respect the confidentiality. Effective communication is one of the basic factors of the current medical, moral code of conduct. As much as rapport building is important for every medical problem, more emphasis is lead on the rapport...

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An angry patient is different from an aggressive patient. An angry patient might not like the way you deal with him and he is mildly frustrated with you whereas an aggressive patient wants to harm you and your staff. He will throw away all the medicines, cause a ruckus in the hospital, spit at you, call you names, and just won't keep his voice down. Certain diseases can lead to aggression, but a doctor has to take into account his patient's aggression come what may. Here's how he takes care of everything else whilst the patient is busy boiling his...

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Doctors have some of the most demanding and taxing jobs out there. They need to be extremely vigilant and keen when going about their work. They have to deal with all types of situations and emergencies and they need to always be mentally prepared for them.  Asthma attacks, anaphylactic shock, respiratory distress, myocardial infarctions, convulsions, allergic attacks, unconsciousness, trauma, and head injuries are some of the emergencies which are be faced by the doctors commonly. Doctors need to be adequately equipped with knowledge on how to deal with such cases with care and attentiveness. Suitable knowledge, communication skills, appropriate medications,...

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Pre and Post Internet Era In the good old days before the advent of the Internet, any communication that one had with one’s doctor was face to face or once in a while on the telephone. The good thing about that was that the interaction was face to face and there was the famed personal touch to boast about. But what was also true was the fact that most doctors were harried for time and apart from a perfunctory nod here and there weren’t really engaged with the patients in what may be called a meaningful age. The advents of...

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Anxiety, Balance, Break, Burnout, Business, Daily Life, Diabetics, Doctor, Doctor life, Doctor Tips, Emotion, Family, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Holiday, Hospital, Leisure, Life, Life Hack, Lifestyle, Management, Medical, Medical System, Office, patient, Physician, Primary Care, Productivity, Professional, Relationship, Relax, Rest, Retreat, Social, Spouse, Stress, Study, Technology, Trends, Vacation -

  WHEN SHE GIVES A WORTHY ADVICE FOR YOUR CONDITION: Usually, doctors don't believe in referring their patients to other doctors, but when your doctor refers you to another doctor, you must know she has given a worthy recommendation for your condition. Knowing your limits is more important than cheating your patient. Guiding the patient is what counts. MORE THAN A PHYSICIAN, ALMOST A FRIEND: Doctors have an amicable aura surrounding them like a satellite and they are less likely to thwart you. Your physician becomes your friend when you feel extremely at ease and comfortable with her. You cannot...

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