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A doctor-patient relationship is about three basic things, trust, patience, and goodwill. A patient comes with concern, disdain, and sorrows and on the opposite hand, he wishes to leave with trust, patient, and goodwill. How do some doctors manage to invoke love in a very deadened patient? How do a few physicians wipe off patient's tears? Moreover, why do some healthcare professionals emit a foul kind of vibe and a few don't? Here are five such doctor-patient relationship stories, let's have a glance at them! RESPECT         Respect isn't bought, it is sold. Too hard to grasp? A white apron...

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Time is everything. The person who utilizes his time the most or can manage his time the most, his success is obvious. The relationship between a physician and a patient goes downward when there is a problem with mutual trust. Physician-patient relationship is fundamental for a better treatment where the understandings between physician and patient matter. A physician should have both the scientific knowledge (medical knowledge) and technical abilities along with the human nature. A patient shouldn’t be treated neither like a group of symptoms nor like a damaged organs. Most importantly the fact which should be brought under consideration...

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Health-related anxiety is the today's topic of dialogue, it’s seen growing wide and pervading to the parts of the world never pervaded before. People spring up with hashtags of a health freak, fitness regimen, goals for weight loss, fitness freak, and also the rest. Health fitness is growing sort of like a bamboo tree, and there is no stopping to it. Too-much-too-soon of something is fearful, and 'alarming' is the particular word that triggers a hypochondriac into packing up luggage and depart for a doctor's urgently-booked appointment. We hardly leave something to our brain cells, guesswork, or book work, we...

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When there is a doctor in the family, every member of that family then prefers to get themselves treated from him/her, and the doctor too warmly welcomes them every time. This is something which is common everywhere, but it is generally not considered as something good.  Doctors are recommended to not treat their patients, and that is because of a specific and valid reason. Code of Ethics for Physician/Doctor Before going to that, we should first establish the general code of ethics for a physician/doctor. Physicians are required to be always available for the sick patients and to treat them...

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A doctor having a doctor spouse is the match made in heaven. There are many women who have been into the medical profession. And thus it has become an inevitable match for the doctors. There are times when you require a partner to share your moments in the medical college and cherish those moments later in life. The epitome of romance during working hours would condense the stress level among doctors who spend nearly 60 to 80 hours working in the hospitals. It is always fun to have a buddy who shares their perception and obsession for medicine. The ideal...

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