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When a high school graduate enters into the competitive field of medicine for the very first time in his life, he carries a backpack full of thick books heavier than his weight, sharper than his wit, and harder than his jigsaw puzzle. He does not know what is waiting for him, and he does not know what doctors all over the world go through to get to the top-notch spot, all he knows is that he is hell-bent and he is hell-bent to go through it all and come out a winner. On his way to the dormitory, he read...

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Being a doctor is a very noble profession. You are the savior, and you save lives of many. You give all kinds of hopeless patients hope. You help them live their lives to their happiest, healthiest selves and you are a hero to a lot of people. So it comes with a lot of responsibility, and you are always presented with scenarios where your help could be of assistance. However, that does not mean you let your profession take over your entire life, and you say yes to every single time someone asks you to do something, just because you...

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