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Doctors learn more through experiences as the daily challenges enable them to live every side of their profession. These physicians avail more opportunities than their fellows because they invest time in building professional relationships with them. All who want to have locum’s skills must follow the following tips: Prepare Yourself It is important to be established with the state license number and other important numbers (DEA and NPI) as you would need them anytime. You also should have the login password, CPT and IC-10 codes. Keeping a blank org chart would help you maintain the contact and names of key...

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Physicians are way too much busy to have a personal life, spending holidays, having a regular recreation. No one would like to look through a physician’s personal life as it is full of business, less time for family members, less fun in life. Physicians sacrifice a part of their life just to serve people and for the mankind. Here is a discussion about a physician’s personal life, problems and way to solve them.   Physicians and their relationship   In recent times, several surveys show that physician- the relationship status of the female physician has been increased enormously. Physician now...

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Burnout, by psychological definition is, "the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, particularly in one's career". It can happen to anyone and at any time. A physician's burnout is something nobody ever talks about. Is it something less likely to occur? Or perhaps something not worth giving your undivided attention to? It is the necessity of the hour, the talk of the show, the pertaining reason behind today's time, and the only thing we literally don't care about. Let's list out a few signs that go unnoticed, uncalled for, and truly given no aid whatsoever! WELCOME STRESS:         Stress...

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Doctors are the only judges of the human behaviour, be it normal or abnormal, they will trace anything out, scan through it, come up with a name and cure it, if there's any need. Likewise, when they work together, they're more likely to search for diseases in their propinquity than anywhere else. And, so they're duty-bound to take care of each other. Let us have a look at the ways in which they express care: SYMPTOM AS CLUE: Symptom is an expression of the underlying disease and doctors know how to differentiate normal from abnormal and vice versa. The moment...

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There are plenty of great reasons to become a doctor. It is after all one of the most popular career choices out there, and the competition for places at medical school is growing ever more intense. This then, the fact that so many people want to be doctors, should be proof that there are ample reasons why it’s a great idea to become one! And yet… with the high competition, the demanding entry requirements to this field and the long hours of study, sometimes it can be hard to remember why you got into this field in the first place....

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