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Time is everything. The person who utilizes his time the most or can manage his time the most, his success is obvious. The relationship between a physician and a patient goes downward when there is a problem with mutual trust. Physician-patient relationship is fundamental for a better treatment where the understandings between physician and patient matter. A physician should have both the scientific knowledge (medical knowledge) and technical abilities along with the human nature. A patient shouldn’t be treated neither like a group of symptoms nor like a damaged organs. Most importantly the fact which should be brought under consideration...

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Working long hours is bad for your health, and doctors understand it better than anyone else. Out of all the noble professions that demand 60 or more hours a week, the most dexterity is arguably required in the medical industry. Doctors spend almost all of their time on their feet and are always occupied with extreme amount of pressure. These doctors dedicate their lives helping patients but often forget how to help themselves! What we have to realize is that fitness is not a choice but should be considered a prerequisite in order to live a fuller life. Putting so...

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