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Doctors learn more through experiences as the daily challenges enable them to live every side of their profession. These physicians avail more opportunities than their fellows because they invest time in building professional relationships with them. All who want to have locum’s skills must follow the following tips: Prepare Yourself It is important to be established with the state license number and other important numbers (DEA and NPI) as you would need them anytime. You also should have the login password, CPT and IC-10 codes. Keeping a blank org chart would help you maintain the contact and names of key...

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Physicians are way too much busy to have a personal life, spending holidays, having a regular recreation. No one would like to look through a physician’s personal life as it is full of business, less time for family members, less fun in life. Physicians sacrifice a part of their life just to serve people and for the mankind. Here is a discussion about a physician’s personal life, problems and way to solve them.   Physicians and their relationship   In recent times, several surveys show that physician- the relationship status of the female physician has been increased enormously. Physician now...

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We live in an age of information over load where catching someone’s attention has become increasingly difficult. With a world of information available at the touch of a button, most people are far better informed about almost any matter than it was in the pre-digital age. As consumers of goods and services people have become far more demanding than ever before. Marketers know that traditional mass marketing will not let them make much headway with their target audience. So they engage with them on a more personal level through social media. They do so by way of Facebooks posts, Instagram...

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A doctor-patient relationship is about three basic things, trust, patience, and goodwill. A patient comes with concern, disdain, and sorrows and on the opposite hand, he wishes to leave with trust, patient, and goodwill. How do some doctors manage to invoke love in a very deadened patient? How do a few physicians wipe off patient's tears? Moreover, why do some healthcare professionals emit a foul kind of vibe and a few don't? Here are five such doctor-patient relationship stories, let's have a glance at them! RESPECT         Respect isn't bought, it is sold. Too hard to grasp? A white apron...

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Health-related anxiety is the today's topic of dialogue, it’s seen growing wide and pervading to the parts of the world never pervaded before. People spring up with hashtags of a health freak, fitness regimen, goals for weight loss, fitness freak, and also the rest. Health fitness is growing sort of like a bamboo tree, and there is no stopping to it. Too-much-too-soon of something is fearful, and 'alarming' is the particular word that triggers a hypochondriac into packing up luggage and depart for a doctor's urgently-booked appointment. We hardly leave something to our brain cells, guesswork, or book work, we...

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