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Doctors are the most important people in everyone’s life as every human at some point in life suffers from the minor or major illness. Health physicians are famous for providing the right guidelines about medicines and afterwards precautions for maintaining a healthy life. However, there are many doctors out in the medical field who show arrogance to their patients. They take advantage of their superiority during the checkup and therefore, they sometimes use a tone with patients that bring them in anxiety.  It is the reason a doctors’ is more known with the famous proverb “It’s not what you say...

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Doctors learn more through experiences as the daily challenges enable them to live every side of their profession. These physicians avail more opportunities than their fellows because they invest time in building professional relationships with them. All who want to have locum’s skills must follow the following tips: Prepare Yourself It is important to be established with the state license number and other important numbers (DEA and NPI) as you would need them anytime. You also should have the login password, CPT and IC-10 codes. Keeping a blank org chart would help you maintain the contact and names of key...

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Physicians are way too much busy to have a personal life, spending holidays, having a regular recreation. No one would like to look through a physician’s personal life as it is full of business, less time for family members, less fun in life. Physicians sacrifice a part of their life just to serve people and for the mankind. Here is a discussion about a physician’s personal life, problems and way to solve them.   Physicians and their relationship   In recent times, several surveys show that physician- the relationship status of the female physician has been increased enormously. Physician now...

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Why? Communication between a doctor and his/her patient is the most important factor in health care profession. Health care professional, including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff is taught to communicate with their patients effectively. Communication is not only about talking to the patient politely and explaining everything to him, but communication is also about rapport building with the patient, sustain patients’ dignity, and respect the confidentiality. Effective communication is one of the basic factors of the current medical, moral code of conduct. As much as rapport building is important for every medical problem, more emphasis is lead on the rapport...

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Pre and Post Internet Era In the good old days before the advent of the Internet, any communication that one had with one’s doctor was face to face or once in a while on the telephone. The good thing about that was that the interaction was face to face and there was the famed personal touch to boast about. But what was also true was the fact that most doctors were harried for time and apart from a perfunctory nod here and there weren’t really engaged with the patients in what may be called a meaningful age. The advents of...

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