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A developing era demands a developing mind, and a developing mind means that letting women work. The old school attitude that said women are for only household chores has changed to women working more than men or as much as men. There aren’t any rules for the management of the varied roles a woman plays but there are some techniques that she uses to be three in one- wife, mother and doctor. 1. TIME IS KEY: To play totally different roles at once, one needs to a get hold of one’s time. Time is the sole variable that is never...

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Giving a gift can create the same amount of warm heartedness as it does when receiving a gift. It is a selfless act of something that is voluntarily transferred from one person to the other. Gifts are an important part of human interaction and can be a token of appreciation, to say thank you or simply to bring individuals together by giving without expectation. Whether you have the privilege to know a doctor, know someone that wants to become a doctor, have the aspiration for your little one to be a doctor one day or if you are a doctor,...

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