Style Tips for Busy Female Doctors

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Style Tips for Busy Female Doctors

In 1790s Margaret Ann Bulkley pretended to be a man and took the name James Barry to enrol in the school of medicine. Now, women do not need to do what Margaret did, and the numbers of female doctors are increasing all over the world. However, female doctors are facing a long list of challenges related to lifestyle, balance, family vs. career planning, etc. While juggling all the different roles and responsibility, women, in general, like to look polished and stylish. In the article, we discuss four elements that will enable female doctors to dress for success.


We all have different body types and shapes. Some stylists divide female bodies into four primarytypes, Apple, Bear, Hourglass and Banana. There are tonnes of articles and videos by style experts that can guide you and help you learn about your body type. Once you know your body type, develop a shortlist of general guidelines to go to whenever you are shopping for clothes.

Apple Body Type:

  • Avoid bulky clothes especially bulky tops
  • The best jeans type for you is flared or boot cut
  • Accentuate your middle section with thin belts

Bear Body Type:

  • Create a balance between your upper body and bottom using accessories like scarfs and statement necklaces.
  • Don’t shy away from colourful and patterned tops
  • Invest in high quality tailored, flared pants and A-line skirts

Hourglass Body Type:

  • Highlight your waist
  • Avoid bulky and baggy clothes
  • Well-tailored clothes will highlight your natural curves

Banana Body Type:

  • Peplum tops and jackets will create the curves that this body type lacks
  • Belts are great accessories to create the preferred hourglass body shape
  • Choose wrap dresses for easy and stylish look



The fit of garments is a critical factor of how clothes will look on you. No matter how expensive your clothes are if they do not fit they will look sloppy and unpresentable. To choose the right fit that flatters your body, consider the following points:

  • Shop for your right size category as petite, regular or tall
  • Make sure that shoulder seams are proportionate to your shoulders
  • Consider tailoring the ill-fitting clothes using professional tailoring service provider



When you have a tight schedule, study and different work shifts and commitment, the last thing you need is squeezing your body into clothes that do not serve your lifestyle. In the medical field, functional clothing has a specific meaning related to medical clothing and protective clothing. However, in this article, we refer to the general guidelines that will make business or casual clothes functional.

Fabric selection is crucial when choosing a piece of garment. Make sure that it is easy to clean and doesn’t wrinkle much. Also, choose easy-to-care textiles. On the other hand, invest in separates that you can mix-and-match to create a variety of outfits without spending large sums of money.


Comfort is another important factor when choosing clothes. Try the clothes on when shopping in stores and make sure that you can move easily in them. If a piece of clothing does not fit well, for example around the arms or the waist, do not buy it even if you like some aspects such as the colorx` of the design.

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