Jun 2017


Apple’s been outstandingly successful and brought out revolution in technological world is now making concern in healthcare industry. Even Apple IOS 8 has been launched with a healthkit app. But this isn’t the first time Apple is doing this. Apple has already launched some healthcare app like carekit, researchkit app to monitor regular basic health checkup such as measuring temperature, BP etc.

Beneficiary of Apple’s entry in healthcare world

As Apple is entering into the world of healthcare it can be said that a revolution in medical industry is about to happen. There are a lot of beneficiary of Apple’s entry in this industry. Let’s see some of them-

  • Innovation of various software and hardware in health care service
  • Effective telemedicine care
  • Innovation of digital healthcare kit
  • Modernizing healthcare service
  • Solidifying emerging market
  • Beneficial in raising consumer awareness of exciting health and wellness solutions
  • Increasing the standards in user experience design
  • Technological innovation will result in improving physician’s productivity if designed properly as well as integrated into their workflow seamlessly
  • Making the lives of patients better
  • A smart approach to quantified health
  • A framework that allows health apps to focus on their strength
  • Innovative technology in the industry
  • Healthy room to grow
  • Affordable care act


Benefits for physicians

Apple’s entry might benefit physicians and make it easier for them to provide easier and cost effective health care. Let’s see how the physician might be affected with Apple’s entry-


  • An easy way to telehealth service
  • Increasing physician-patient relationship
  • To act quickly
  • Potential cost saving
  • Cost effective
  • Making the work of physicians easier and better
  • More effective remote monitoring system


Features of Apple’s healthkit app

Apple is about to launch healthkit app in its IOS8 which is an app relating to public healthcare. Let’s see some of the features that it contains-


  • Centralizing data
  • Glucose readings
  • Heart rates
  • Blood pressure
  • Transmit and store data from regular checkups


Reasons of Apple’s entrance in Health Industry

There are some reasons why Apple has entered into the medical industry and obviously there is some beneficiary for Apple as well. Let’s check them out-


  • Competing rivals

Google, Samsung and Nokia they have already been intermeddled with medical industry. Apple has to compete with these companies in global market so today or tomorrow it would be a necessary for them to intermeddled itself with the medical industry.


  • Meeting with the modern market demand

The modern civilization is way more sensitive about their health. So an extra feature like healthkit or carekit can draw some consumer and it’s one of the basic reason why Apple’s entered into healthcare industry.


  • Being hub of our health data

Apple’s already been hub for our movie, music and many other things and now it’s concentrating towards being hub of our health data which ends in various facilities for us as well as Apple.


  • Bigger revenue or profit

The main target of a business is to maximize its profit with consumer satisfaction. That’s exactly what Apple’s doing. Satisfying it’s consumer with an extra feature of healthcare and maximizing its profit through earning a larger scale of revenue.


As the distance between healthcare and technology is minimizing, technological companies like Apple getting more involved and acting a crucial role for the innovation of new technologies that can and actually is changing the healthcare industry. Apple’s expanding preference process in healthcare can surely be called a magical touch in health industry !

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