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Patients trust doctors on their lives, confidentiality, and feelings like embarrassment, fear, anxiety, gloom, secrecy. To a degree, doctors make sure that they never break it. But do we talk about their feelings? Their side of the same story? If they trust patients? Are they pleased with the days they're facing? Does trust mean something to them?

Doctors keep themselves emotionally closed and psychologically detached because it feels healthy to them, but again, they are not aliens from some outer space. They're like you and me. They feel everything, respect doctor-patient relationship as much as you and me, deserve trust, they need to be heard and taken seriously, seek trust as much as you do in them.

But what turns everything into a nasty part of their lives? What shatters their building of trust? Let's give it a thought.



        Doctors are mostly on time since lives are lost and made in a flash, they have been through it all, they know the value of time more than anybody in this world. So, when you don't show up on time, it annoys them and makes them devise facts concerning you. You inform them that you are going to be late, but show up late for most of your appointments and make other patients suffer as well? Well, that's bad and breaks the foundation called trust.



        Doctors give directions keeping varied reasons in mind, and they don't want to be reprimanded or disrespected in any manner. You are meant to follow orders given by your doctor because they are for your own good. When you do not follow directions, and make a fuss out of it, and place all the blame on doctors, then they don't appreciate that one percent! Are they here to take all the blame for nothing? Directions are for you, please do follow them ardently.



        So, when a patient lies to his doctor and that lie gets caught, the physician somewhere feels disheartened and frustrated. How can you lie to someone who provides you with medicine for your ailment? Lies are a symbol of weakness and doctors don't want lies, because their time is precious, and they really want to help you get rid of your ailment! Thus, please refrain from lying as it totally degrades your relationship with the doctor.



        Abusive to the amount of disorder is clearly understandable, totally welcomed, but to the amount of sanity, not welcome. There is a reason why you are sitting on the opposite side of the table, doctors demand respect for that. And, if you disrespect them or disvalue them, then they surely are not going to find you trustworthy or reliable. Doctors have earned all that flavouring air of respect, and we ought to give that to them! 



        If you do not communicate, you are destroying the very basis of trust, of faith. Without communication, trust is a house without a roof. Lack of communication on your behalf is not going to help the physician treat you well or trust you well. If you don't tell them your issues, then you are hiding and you don't hide from someone you trust. You hide from someone you don't trust. It's a never-ending circle. Please convey your feelings to them.



        Wherever there is doubt, there is a devil's hand of distrust, of worry. If you doubt the motives of physicians, you are not just damaging them, but also yourself. With no reason, if you develop doubts, then try to convey to them, they will help you solve your problems, but if you keep doubting them at every step, then that is taken as breaching their trust in you. Trust is a two-way thing, it works both ways. Learn to trust them, they are never going to hurt you in any which way.

Trust lives wherever it breeds. You just need to take care of it.

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