5 TV shows related to doctors

5 TV shows related to doctors

Being a human creature that is social by nature, we are linked in some form of consciousness from birth. Every single person wants to feel unique, understood and a part of something bigger. If this is to be translated into a form of entertainment, people like to watch TV shows that they feel are relevant to their interests or lives. If there is one thing TV loves, it is creating a virtual world where people save lives and fall in love.

Here are 5 TV shows related to the world of doctors, saving lives and everything that comes with that, that are well worth the watch.


ER is probably the first show to come to mind, with good reason as it received 124 Emmy nominations. Every episode was filled with adrenaline and it gives viewers a glimpse into the fast paced life in the emergency ward and how the doctors juggle their personal and professional lives. This medical drama has 15 seasons in store for you that will keep you entertained from the get go.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy can’t be overlooked as it has been a complete smash hit. This romantic medical drama has been the talk of the town not only for the sweeping medical cases, but the interesting gender roles that has been reversed in this TV show. It breaks through the perceived fact that only men can be career driven as Meredith and Christina, or feel hesitancy when it comes to marriage; while their partners find it easier to put their work to the side to take care of their personal lives.


Scrubs is a TV show for those who enjoy comedies. It brings a sense of humour into the hospital and has been rated as the best medical sitcom. This uproarious show had some heart breaking episodes that could cause a tear to run down your cheek. Season 1 – 8 was fully enjoyable, but there are mixed feelings about season 9, why not decide for yourself?


House might seem like a standard show with a predictable outcome – someone falls ill, doctors struggle to figure out what the problem is and out of nowhere Dr. House finds the solution. Dr. House was only interested in abnormal cases and would discharge his patients if their problem seemed too “normal”. This is a series you can follow from the start or watch a stray episode and still find it delightful.

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is a show about the best nurse in hospital that is struggling with a drug habit of her own. She cares for patients in the best ways but downs painkillers every opportunity she gets. Even though this show haven’t created a lot of hype, it is stimulating to watch and easy to follow.


When you need some time to relax and sit back, try one of these TV shows to keep you amused. Surely you will soon feel that there are others you can relate to or just get a dose of the best medicine (laughter).

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