5 Movies Every Medical Student Should See

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5 Movies Every Medical Student Should See

Watching movies that you can relate to or that inspire you to work harder towards your goal can be amazing for you. As a medical student, films related to the medical profession not only tick the previous two boxes but they can also help you learn more about the profession and the approaches that can make you a good doctor. So today we will be discussing movies that every medical student should see and would benefit from.

  1. Patch Adams(1998)

The first movie we’re going to talk about stars Robin Williams as Dr. Hunter Patch Adams. The movie is a semi-autobiography and will teach you how important it can be to connect with patients and to work towards making them happier in addition to improving their health. That is the approach that Dr. Adams uses in the movie, and you can see how him wanting to improve the quality of his patient's lives, as a result, helps with their health as well.

  1. Girl Interrupted(1999)

This movie follows the 18-month stay of Susanna played by Winona Ryder at a mental institution in the 1960’s. The movie is great at showing how bad things were back then when it comes to mental treatment and how one should be very careful around diagnosing patients. It also makes the watcher want to break the stigma around mental illnesses. 

  1. Something the Lord made(2004)

This movie is based on a true story involving two heart surgeons who found a solution for Blue Baby Syndrome. The movie takes place in the depression era and focuses on Vivian Thomas, a black doctor who broke racial barriers and his complicated partnership with Alfred Blalock. Not only does it show how working together putting all differences aside can help achieve great but it also teaches you to always give first priority to your patient's interests. After all, the patient always comes first. 

  1. Sybil(1976)

This movie shows in detail the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder, and what it's like living with a disorder like this. Other than that the movie also shows how looking over symptoms and making a wrong diagnosis had such a bad impact on Sybil and how important it is for a doctor to be careful in this regard.

  1. Side Effects(2013)

Although the movie looks at the side effects of a fictional antidepressant drug, the psychological thriller does a great job at showcasing the harmful impact drugs like these can have on a person, as the side effects that were shown are very real and close to real life. It will get medical students to delve in a deeper thinking about prescription drugs.

End Remarks:

So the next time you want to feel inspired to be a great doctor, or are just bored and need a study break that still educates you then watch one of these movies.

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