Why is Pain Management Personal?
Dec 2018

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Why is Pain Management Personal?

Patients categories the pain medicine according to their functions such as pain pills made for reducing the symptoms of a headache, stomach-ache, or arthritis. The truth about patients is that they do not consider pain management as personal. It is the reason the emergence of medical research is planning to change the attitude and point of view of people. There are many factors behind the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of pain medicines on patients. One of the primary factors is Genes Affect. Let’s have a look at this factor in detail:

  1. People have a different number of enzymes that remove the medicines from the body by breaking them. It is the reason some doctors recommend more dose of certain medications while other medicines are enough with small doses.
  2. The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of pain medicine also depend on the receptor variations that relieve pain from the body.
  3. The numbers of molecules that carry pain medicine also vary in all human bodies. So the effect also changes if there are fewer molecules for carrying pain medicine.
  4. There are neurotransmitter molecules that transmit with the pain. The strange thing about these molecules is that they can minimize the drug binding and effects of pain relief.  

Over-the-counter medicines work for reducing the mild and moderate pain, but the prescribed medication advised by the doctor is for severe pain. It is imperative to read the instructions of drugs for not consuming the extra dose of medicine. It is also important to see the side effects of medicines as well, e.g., the use of the non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug can cause bleeding. Using an excessive amount of acetaminophen is not good for the liver. In the same way, some medicines can cause constipation and tiredness. It is important to use a medication that carries fewer side effects.

The next concern is about the effectiveness of drugs in the past as a successful history can indicate a successful future. The history describes the number of enzymes and receptors in a patient’s body that assist in seeing the effect of the prescribed medicine.

The experience also plays in selecting a particular kind of medicine such as if the pain is related to inflammatory injury then the doctor would prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine. If there is a headache, then acetaminophen is suitable. Neuropathy is good for pain in the nerve. Similarly, there will be a different medicine for people suffering from depression.

Another medical fact is the effectiveness of the combination of medications for treating particular pain. All the patients using combinations of drugs must know active ingredients and opt products carefully for reducing the chances of overdose. It is better to consult with a health physician so you would not suffer from side effects. The modern researchers are working for introducing medicines that people will use first by giving a simple blood test. The blood test will decide which of the pain medication is suitable for a patient in a given time. Contacting the physician still will help the patients in relieving the pain with pain medicine.

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