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Why Doctors Should Not Treat Their Family And Friends?

When there is a doctor in the family, every member of that family then prefers to get themselves treated from him/her, and the doctor too warmly welcomes them every time. This is something which is common everywhere, but it is generally not considered as something good. Doctors are recommended to not treat their patients, and that is because of a specific and valid reason.

Code of Ethics for Physician/Doctor

Before going to that, we should first establish a general code of ethics for a physician/doctor. Physicians are required to be always available for sick patients and to treat them with the necessary medicines, offer them consultation and even help those who are not able to afford their treatment. For the patients, they are required to consult only one doctor for their treatment once it gets started because if they consult more than one, then there are chances of them getting confused and taking multiple treatments. Physicians are supposed to be superior in their morals and to treat their relatives and friends for free if they ever need it, but that would bring in some degree of hesitancy towards them. Treating a patient that the doctor has some sort of relation with usually does not end up as successful as with other random patients. There are numerous reasons for it.

Important details might be missed

If the doctor has some personal grudge towards that person, then there is a possibility that the doctor treats them half-heartedly and therefore it results in inferior health care. Sometimes, the doctor may assume that they know everything about the patient and therefore skip the step where they take a detailed history of the patient and other details. The consultation gets too casual, and there is a chance that the doctor might skip some important questions which are necessary for a correct prescription. The patient should not go to a doctor just because they have connections with him/her; sometimes the medical problem which they are facing might not match with what that doctor has specialized in.

There is, however, a possibility that the doctor offers a better service than they normally do just because they love the patient or are fond of them because of their relation. But the possibility of this is really low and mostly dual relation patient treatments don’t end up that well. The American College of Physicians has similar views on doctors and them treating their relatives as patients. The American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics says that “physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families.”

Emotions can affect the treatment

It is understood that emotions play a big role when it comes to carrying out important medical procedures. Take an example of surgery; would you be hesitant when you are doing surgery of a random person or when you are doing it for your mom, dad or a sibling? Clearly, the more closely the relation, the more hesitant you are. To be on the safe side, doctors should avoid carrying out major consultations and treatments of their relatives; daily consultation and dietary advice, however, will not be an issue.

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