Jan 2019

A series of

"Total chaos within the healthcare system"

"Shortage of primary care doctors up to 90,000 by 2020 and up to 13,000 by 2025"

"Inequity among doctors"

"Prolongation of the suffering humanity"

"Less exposure to newer cases"

"Complete unimportance is given to the holistic approach"

"Specialty means that extra money, a lot of 'me' time, a lot of relaxation"

"Unnecessarily enticing the patients to investigate"

"Several specialists involved in a case will hamper it, not improve it..."

"Public demands specialization because it remarkably highlights a doctor's intelligence"

"As the number of doctors goes up, the standard of care goes down"

"Sheer underestimation of rewarding specialization known as general practice"

Do you want proper care or not? Do you want treatment from one primary healthcare professional or not? Would you like to be taken seriously or not? Would you like to be a pendulum between investigations and referrals?

  1. 1. STUDIES:

A study in the US shows a significant increase in the number of medical students by 13.6 percent between 2001 and 2010, but in that study, those who chose primary care system considerably reduced to 6.3 percent. Clearly stating that less than 15 percent of the graduating medical students would want to opt for primary care. In most countries, about 50 percent of the students go for primary care practices, and those countries astoundingly have a far better health care system and provide care more competently than in the US.

  1. 2. I, ME, AND MYSELF:

So, if every doctor chose to specialize in whichever, whatsoever field they desired, then the primary care providers, the primary care clinics, the first line of defence would go down the drain and patients would rush to nearby hospitals for even a sprain! The factor is, every doctor ends up thinking about their own lifestyle, their own comfort, their own time, their own finances, and that is what introduces them to specialization which garnishes their bank statements, their body image (prevents them from lifestyle disorders) and eventually, they call themselves as the 'higher IQ lot' of the medical care system.


Specialization is an expert formula for one subject, but GP is a bonus offer for all the subjects. There is no juxtaposition between the two driving forces. However, had it been a 50-50 ratio, we would have fewer complexities and even fewer deaths. The healthcare system is not about sucking the money out of a patient's life by making them investigate at every point and referring them to different specialists, it ought to be about first and foremost prevention, proper first aid, proper directions, and proper treatment come what may.


We want doctors who know something regarding everything under the sun, knowing everything regarding everything will not only clog your grey cells but also surface your confusion. Every other medical student is choosing a specialization, as it has become the newest wrinkle, and every other patient or peer is asking about their specialization. Why has it become a fever? Is anyone completely unaware about medicine if not a specialist? All the previous five years of their lives did they waste studying about nothing and fearing judgment from layman and peers because they could not be a specialist?

A specialization is an associate possibility and medical students ought to think about the greater good, the higher purposes of their existence. If they all run after money, comfort and relaxation then people will soon lose faith in their system and them. Medical system was built by Hippocrates without charges for the betterment of the world, for particularly the sick folks. Let us all vouch on not letting his efforts go extinct!

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