Jun 2018

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Most people dread hospitals, particularly hate the smell of hospitals. But not the doctors. For them, a hospital is an enchanting place where dreams come true. It's idyllic, the music of the machines, the crackle of the trauma gown, it's a place where fantasy meets reality. It's a place full of promises, excitement, and surprises. No day is like yesterday. There are days when love with the hospital climate is on the rocks. And, days when the same romance is dead meat. But, if you look around, things are pretty well. So, stop for a second, enjoy the scenery, feel the wizardry, be entertained because it won't last forever. The romance will fade away, things which weren't supposed to happen will happen, people who were close will change, the love which was breathtakingly beautiful will die, but perhaps not today.


Reason outside of the workplace:

Simple things like no traffic on the road to the hospital, subordinates obeying to all orders, easily convinced patients, less nagging relatives, stimulating cases, no losses and many lives saved, in short, a very promising day truly makes a doctor happy. Doctors surround themselves with negativity, and they are programmed to think pessimistically, they look for what's wrong with the patient, and not what's right. It's very difficult being happy in an environment which demands you not to look at the bright side of life.


Engaged in activities:

Some doctors prefer to unwind and disconnect from their troubles by engaging in activities which quiet their mind. To quiet one's mind- they relax, concentrate on breathing and don't go looking for solutions to their innumerable and unsolvable problems. Some doctors throw themselves into extracurricular activities like Zumba, writing, singing, trekking, aerobics, cooking, dancing, gaming, jogging, running, meditating and yoga which help them deal with day-to-day stresses.


Be Happy yourself first:

Happiness is a perfume which needs sprinkling onto yourself first, then onto others! Doctors revel in the art of helping others, they are the caregivers and the healers. When you do a duty you love, you won't find reasons to hate it. They also fancy knowing about a patient's story, some are born inquisitors. Some love to connect with people, it's the interpersonal relationships that make them happy. Doctors love the practice of medicine, the thrill of solving a mystery, the pacified feeling you experience on arriving at a diagnosis, and the bliss of treating sick humanity, and what they don't love is bureaucracy, loss of liberty and administrative paperwork.


Losing hope can kill you, losing people can damage you, losing happiness can hurt you, and lose yourself amidst all the battles you're struggling every day is not good for you. Doctors run a 'Dead or Alive' battle every single day of their life, and happiness is a long-lost dream for them, but today is the day people, today is the day when dark and twisty doctors disappear forever, and bright and shiny doctors come into play! You're probably not going to be friends with them anymore because the sheer intensity of their happiness is going to make your teeth hurt, but that's OK because life is good. Life is good. 😊

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