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What Do Doctors Need to Know About Telemedicine in 2017?

Telemedicine is quite a new term for most of the people out there. However, it has been extensively used nowadays. In most of the peripheral areas, doctors are scarce as compared to patients, so it becomes difficult for the patients to connect to the doctors. Telemedicine tries to solve the problem of more patient than doctors. Telemedicine solves the problem by connecting the patients to the doctors from faraway places. Most feasible part of telemedicine is that you can connect to the doctors from far-flung areas only using your tablet or PC and do not have to go through a lot of trouble.

The United States of America is currently funding five projects for around $1.4 million, to solve the substance abuse in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 2017 will be the year of advancements and in the field of telemedicine. Both telehealth and telemedicine are advancing at a great pace and will be helpful for patients in the future. In the coming year, telemedicine will be advanced in both efficiency and accessibility. Telemedicine only includes remote healthcare services and availability of healthcare providers. However, telehealth is a more holistic approach and have facilities like practitioners training, health education along with visits to patients.

Telemedicine is in demand for many factors which include:

Patient’s demand

It is in human nature to demand easiness and convenience in facilities; same is the case for the telemedicine industry. People want easier access to a better quality of healthcare and as the population of earth is growing so does the demand for health care facilities. According to an estimate, the telehealth industry will become a whopping $2.8 billion industry by 2022 and the demand will increase in the coming years.

Payer demand

More industrialists and businessman are moving away from the previous rule of fee-for-service to the new rule of pay for better quality. Telehealth has low cost and higher benefits than face to face visits to doctors. It also has better satisfaction rate for the patients.

Advancing technology

A few years back, telemedicine and telehealth project had to take a lot of room and space, and the person who sets up the whole thing had to go through a lot of trouble. However, nowadays everything is just one app away from you. It was more expensive financially and was restricted to a few people, but with the advancement of technology, it is more accessible to people and is also cheaper than before. 

Clinical effectiveness

It has been proven that telemedicine is clinically effective and a renowned organization has accepted around 10,000+ studies which proved the effectiveness of telemedicine.

Even with a lot of advancements and acceptance of the importance of telemedicine, there are a few things which are a hindrance and responsible for the slow progress of telemedicine. One factor is that the doctor available for telemedicine will only treat the patient in the state they are licensed in. Moreover, there are people who are not online or do not use the internet, so they can’t benefit from telemedicine.

Despite, all the impediments, merits and demerits telemedicine are helping people and will continue to grow in the coming years.

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