Wear you symbol in pride
May 2017

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Wear you symbol in pride

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the Caduceus that is considered the symbol of medicine is? The science of iconography associated the symbol with many myths from the Near East. The symbol consists of two serpents intertwine around a rod. Some researchers assume that the rod represents the staff used by Hermes; some believe that the whole symbol represents the process of getting rid of parasitic worms; while others think that it represents copulating snakes and some other researchers believe that it is a symbol of a Buddist king who resided in India. The oldest account of the symbol goes back to 4000 B.C. to 3000 B.C.

But why do you might consider wearing your profession’s symbol? The two components of the symbol is a rod and two snakes. Many ancient civilisations, like in Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek mythology, considered snakes as a symbol of healing and rebirth. Snakes’ venom was used in medical treatments, and the ability of snakes to shed their skin is a representation of rebirth and rejuvenation. And this is precisely what you do as a doctor; you enable others to heal.

While you struggle day in and day out with your schedule and stress, wearing this symbol will ground you by reminding you of the vital role you play in the lives of hundreds or thousands of people as an artist of healing.

Consider the symbol your personal logo and a visual representation of what you believe in and stand for, your goals, your dreams, and priorities in your life. In networking and social event, a pin or a pendant or even a graphic on your T-shirt could be a great ice breaker and a conversation starter.  Associate the symbol of your own personal interpretation of being a health care provider. Always focus on the positive thoughts as Bishop Beckwaith said: “Plant a thought and reap a word; plant a word and reap an action; plant an action and reap a habit; plant a habit and reap a character; plant a character and reap a destiny.

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