Top 9 Most Important Medical discoveries
May 2017

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Top 9 Most Important Medical discoveries

Science has come a great way and has revolutionized the field of medicine. It has brought to us so many important discoveries that have impacted the lives of many. Diseases once thought fatal are now treated quickly, operations are now easier than they were before. Due to the fact that there have been so many discoveries aimed at improving medical procedures and making them easier. We cannot even imagine a life before these discoveries. Today we will be discussing the top 9 medical discoveries.

  1. Penicillin:

Imagine having to choose between an amputation or death if a small cut on your leg got infected. That was the case before Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, this discovery led to the development of all antibiotics that are used to do to help against bacterial infection.

  1. DNA:

This discovery gave us identity, so its importance cannot be overlooked. It has helped us understand so many illnesses and will continue to help make even more medical discoveries.

  1. Vaccination:

Vaccination has acted as a hindrance in the spreading of many deadly diseases, and it has also completely eradicated diseases like smallpox which were the cause of a number of deaths back in the day. Today we are immune to a number of deadly diseases thanks to this discovery.  

  1. Germ theory:

Another great moment in the history of medical discoveries was the discovery of the cause behind diseases. By understanding germs and how people get certain diseases, not only lead people to implement certain hygienic practices but, it also brought basic understanding behind many illnesses.

  1. Anesthetic:

Just the thought of performing medical operations without anesthesia makes one shudder. Before this discovery, patients were given a rope or wood to bite on from screaming and a shot of vodka while performing painful operations like amputations. So this discovery is a great achievement in medical history.

  1. Insulin:

It is thanks to this discovery that so many diabetic patients get to have a normal happy life. Before the discovery, millions of people with diabetes had to die a slow, unpleasant death. Apart from keeping an eye on what you eat there was nothing you could do to combat this disease.

  1. X-ray:

The discovery of this technique became a huge milestone in understanding the human body. It is the core behind identifying and repairing broken bones these days and helps discover the causes behind a number of problems. Used in all hospitals these days this discovery landed a Nobel prize due to its importance.

  1. Vitamins:

This discovery helped understand the importance of nutrients for the human body, and how certain deficiencies can lead to certain illnesses. This understanding helped prevent a number of illnesses and also helped cure a disease or manage it if the deficiency did occur.

  1. IVF:

This discovery is a bit controversial, but it has proven to be a great blessing or couples struggling to have a child. For people who have lost all hope in traditional ways of getting pregnant. This important discovery helped conceive a child, with the additional benefit of picking certain aspects for the baby by picking the embryo.

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