Top 5 Jewelry Items for Female Doctors, Medical Professionals or Medical Students
May 2017

Women like to wear fancy jewelry on different occasions and light jewelry even on regular days. Jewelry items are liked by both working or non-working females as well as female students in different professional fields. Below is the list of top 5 jewelry items which are loved by medical professionals working or studying in the field of medicine:

5. Caduceus Symbol Medical Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

    Displaying a rod with two snakes curled upon it, this caduceus silver necklace is a sheer insignia of Medicine filed. It can be a great gift for the females working in medical field. The pendant type is necklace and size is W20mm x H32mm, and chain type is link chain while the length is 45cm. 


      This necklace is representing love for both of the medical professional and also for the medical profession. The necklace has a heart and arrow shaped ECG pattern placed on the heart. It is available in the combination of silver and rose color. The arrow-shaped heartbeat also has crystals placed all over it.  Necklace if of pendant type and made for women especially, chain used in the necklace is rope chain. The length of the necklace is 45 cm and size is 20.7 x 23.7 mm.


        Available in gold color, the ECG heart pendant is a beautiful gift for the women working in the medical field. The necklace contains a simple gold heart with a heartbeat of a healthy heart.  The necklace is of pendant type and the chain used is of link chain. Pendant size is 30 mm x 36 mm. The material used is stainless steel, and it features electrocardiogram of a healthy heart. The length of the necklace is 55 cm i.e. 22”.


          If you want to wear something which makes a bold statement, this ECG titanium necklace is the one for you. The necklace consists of a pattern of the heartbeat of a healthy heart. The most beautiful thing in the necklace is a tiny delicate heart attached to one side of the chain. The heart and pattern of heartbeat make the necklace a beautiful and elegant gift for a healthcare professional. The material used in the necklace is Titanium. Its length is 40 cm + 5.5 and size is 34 mm x23 mm. Type of chain used is Link chain, and the necklace is of choker necklace type.


            A beautiful and different piece of jewelry is a necklace in which rhythm of ECG is attached to a heart. The necklace is available in silver, and the ECG pattern and the heart pattern makes it a heartbeat necklace. Simple cubical zircon stones on the heart pattern make it elegant and classy to wear. The pattern of ECG makes it a lovely gift for any lady working in the medical field. The necklace is in pendant form and usually preferred for female. The material used in the necklace is 100% 925 Sterling Silver and AAA CZ.

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