Top 5 Children Medical Toys For Kids
May 2017

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Top 5 Children Medical Toys For Kids

Being a healthcare provider is probably the noblest and respected profession, and parents often want their children to be doctors, medical professionals. In order to increase medical or scientific curiosity in their kids, parents often provide their children with toys which stimulate curiosity in them. Below is the list of 5 toys for children which are liked by medical health professionals.


    It consists of a plastic workshop and included equipment like a magnifying tester, plastic syringe, stethoscope and other medical profession-related items. It has a suitcase and wheels attached to a pull box. It is designed for both genders and recommended for children three years and above. It is made of ABS plastic.


      Children’s doctor suitcase is even more fun than a real doctor’s suitcase as it comes with music and lights. The suitcase also comes with wheels and a handle to make it easier for children to pull. The suitcase includes thermometer, EKG, tablets, stethoscope and shot. It is designed for both genders and is not recommended for children under the age of 24 months. Material used is ABS plastic and recommended for children of age 2-4 years.


        It is the best toy set to keep your toddler busy for hours pretending to be a doctor. The play set includes 30 pieces of medical set like stethoscope, thermometer, syringes and blood pressure cuff. I will give a child a healthy imagination and creative play. The medical set is designed for both genders and is recommended for the children 3 years and above.


          It is small emergency vehicle toy for children and it is just like the original one with lights and sounds. The best future of the ambulance is bump and go action, once the ambulance bumps into something it will change its direction by turning around and going to other direction. A paramedic is also included in the set and it also has a thermometer, scalpel, syringe, and otoscope. It can provide a joyful activity for toddlers. The toy is unisex and can be used by both girls and boys. It is recommended for children 3 years and above, and the plastic used in toy is ABS plastic and not recommended for the children below the age of 3 years.


            This amazing toy is for the children who like both military and medical profession related toys. The combat hospital military escort has a tank and a van. The tank has one security guard, two paramedics and a patient in it. The military medical rescue van is opened at the back to load the patient on a stretcher in the van. It will be a fun, dynamic and active toy for boys to use their imagination and creating activities for them. The toys are made up ABS plastic and the plastic block shape is self-locking bricks. The toys are recommended for children of age 6 and above. Its classification is assemblage and recommended for boys.

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