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Medical life commences at a tender age of 22 when a doctor enters the hospital as an internee, learner, newcomer, as a growing bud and it goes on for years together up until one point where he has to choose between retiring early and going part-time. To each his own. Some doctors prefer going part-time after a certain age, say 50, whereas some want to retire when 50. It clearly is a matter of finances. You have money, you retire early, you do not have money, you stay up, you get crushed daily to meet deadlines and work as much as you can to make ends meet.


Doctors begin at 22, then in their mid-30s, they choose to specialize and try setting up a clinic or go for a home clinic. In their mid-40s, they are a little dog-tired, and they prefer to finish up work quickly, so they can head home and afford to spend some quality time with their children. For their mid-50s, they are so worn out that they find it hard to struggle every single day into the ocean of hospital chaos, paper work, and administrative workload. Some want to retire then, some strive to live for more. So then, in the mid-60s, their bones are dead-fatigued, their grey cells are giving up, they play word salad every day, and they somehow feel like they are losing out on several things in life. Coming to their mid-70s, they are all about delivering lectures, they are happy dealing with clinics, they like help for climbing stairs or catching a cab, they appreciate the ones who are a little less versed in medical knowledge, they are voraciously funny and are in the second childhood, so their mistakes are taken as innocent acts of children. Then in their mid-80s, they are too debilitated, they need care, they need treatment, they lack all the bones to walk, all the teeth to chatter, all the brains to think. They just want to re-live their lives. They go for spirituality, a less tedious of all the tasks, they want to be with their children, they just want to be remembered for the good.


So essentially, going part-time has its perks. Like longer time with the children, spouse, friends, surroundings, nature and longer time for yourself despite work. You can work, stay in touch with medicine and patients, but still give time to everything else in your life. Adopting a medical career is regarding sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice everything else for medicine? If not, then going part-time is your only option.


Retiring early means you need to work hard now, go prolonging hours together, stretch yourself like a rubber band and literally have no stretching point because you need to have all the investments backed up for your retired life. They say, if you struggle now, you might live a painless life ahead. But if you work lazily now, you might ask for a painful life ahead. Retiring early demands choosing a full-time job at the hospital, you may not have time for your life, but you can always keep it for tomorrow. But who has really seen a promising tomorrow? Perhaps, we are all hopeful souls, but can you really leave everything that your daughter wants today for tomorrow?

Retiring early is for those who have their finances sorted, children’s future plans settled and a home with basic amenities. Going part-time is for those who are half-tired through their peak years, whose kids still require money to go ahead in their respective lives, and who do not have a home with investments. These two stories are not all. There are so many aspects of everyone’s life. You just cannot go for a part-time job or try retiring early without giving your present situation a thought. Acknowledge your present scenario. Let down your guard. Do not lose hope. Never give up! A doctor’s idle brain is not good at all. So, hold on and lead on!

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