The 9 Funniest Things That Ever Happened at The Doctor’s Office
Jun 2017

Here are a few of the funniest stories happened at the doctor’s office:

  1. A patient came to doctor’s and told him that she fell down in a grocery store and hurt herself. The doctors asked her that where did she get hurt, and she replied: “In Aisle Six.”
  2. A patient told her doctor that she had good and bad news for the doctor when asked about the both news. She answered that the medicine she took for ear aches was effective and she had no pain anymore. On the other hand, the bad news is that the medicine tasted really bad, and the doctor could not tell her that the medication she took orally was actually “eardrops.”
  3. The doctor was going through the checklist of all the instruments he was going to need during the operation in the operation theater. When he was going through the list of surgical instruments, machine, etc. the patient asked why the doctor would wait until the last minute in the operation theater to check the stuff out?
  4. A patient was recommended an inhaler by the doctor because he was suffering from an allergic reaction from the cat. He reported having no positive effect on her after a week when asked about the usage it turned out that the patient was spraying the cat using the inhaler instead of inhaling it.
  5. An employee reported his employer the reason of his sick leave was that his dog was sick and he tasted dog’s food to check if the food is ok and then he got sick by eating dog’s food.
  6. A patient called the hospital to ask about his treatment, he had a series of questions about his disease, and when he was hanging up, he thanked and courteously said about taking too much time. The doctor replied that it is no problem and he can always call and ask for clarification if he needs any. He replied “Thank you very much, Clara Fication! You’ve been very helpful.”
  7. A hospital’s long-term care facility was having a birthday celebration of one of the residents who turned 100 years old. The woman was looking down and was not very excited, so she was asked if she knew how old she was. She answered that she did not know and the person replied that she is 100 years old and she answered: “no wonder I’m so tired."
  8. A pregnant woman’s car was broken into and the only thing taken was a wine bottle. It turned out that the bottle did not contain wine instead of that woman’s urine sample which she was taking to hospital to get tested.
  9. A nurse came with a fleet enema to the patient who just had a leg surgery. When the patient told about not knowing anything about the fleet enema and the nurse check the orders again and found out that she misread and it was “feet elevated.”


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