Top 10 Challenges Faced by Physicians in 2019
Mar 2019

The physicians have recently begun to digest Medical Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the changes to physical repayment. Physicians struggle on a daily basis while they deal ...

Here is how you can reduce medication errors by 82%
Mar 2019

According to a recent study which was carried out, it has been reported that the most emergency cases which come in, regarding the usage of harmful drugs, lead to the figures like 100000 people get...

Medical Professionals – What You Say Does Not Matter but How You Say Does
Feb 2019

Doctors are the most important people in everyone’s life as every human at some point in life suffers from the minor or major illness. Health physicians are famous for providing the right guideline...

Want to Be an Awesome Travelling Physician? Here are 10 Tips for You
Feb 2019

Doctors learn more through experiences as the daily challenges enable them to live every side of their profession. These physicians avail more opportunities than their fellows because they invest t...

Doctors need be far more empathetic in the digital age
Jan 2019

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Patient-Physician Communication: Why is it required and How can it be done?
Nov 2018

Why? Communication between a doctor and his/her patient is the most important factor in health care profession. Health care professional, including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff is taught t...