Strategic plan to help you with making more time for your patient
May 2018

The medical profession is one of the busiest profession exists on earth. So it’s hard to make some extra time for patients. But there is always a way. With a tight rule and some tip and tricks, it’s possible to spend more time with patients. Let’s discuss some proactive strategy to manage more time with patients.

● Learn about the patient before the visit

If you are not acquainted with your patient before the introduction part with a patient would kill time which you would be able to spend on your patient’s treatment. That’s why you need to know the type, intro, lifestyle and habits before the very first meeting with a patient. You can use an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to make the process quick.

● Apprising patients

One of the best tricks is to inform patients and educate them about how valuable is there time along with the doctors’. It makes some sense. It enables the patient to get the most out of his/her visit. This will create no out of whack situation. A patient should be informed well and told to bring the necessary documents such as test results, health insurance, etc. This will result in extra time for a patient which will make the most out of the doctors’ time.

● Through a set of trained staff

A physician doesn’t have time to use EHR by himself. Doctors always need staffs to accomplish some time killing tasks which are not directly connected with patient service. A set of trained and skilled staff can handle these indirectly connected tasks to save time for the doctor and make the most out of it. Trained staff will provide you all the information you need and they are handy in keeping a tight schedule. A skilled staff often makes your patient satisfied if he has to wait for your visit which makes a positive impact on patient out of a negative situation.

● Having policies of no-shows and late arrivals

There are some patients who are always late on their schedule. Waiting for the patient’s arrival wastes a lot of a doctor’s time. That’s why there should always be a policy for no-shows and late arrivals to ensure no time wasting. The health care provider must stick with this rule. Even there may be a rule of penalty for the latecomers to stop late coming. It’s better if it’s informed to the patient through intro card, notice or leaflet. The patient must be told that this penalty system is for the best utilize of time for both of them.

● Implementing on the technological solution

As technology is getting upgrade day by day, time management gets easier. A mobile app or an online database can often save time. The database is for the purpose of delivering information quickly. A mobile app can be used to communicate with the patients to inform and knowing the current situation. This sharing of information allows you to know whether the patient is on time or not which saves time from being wasted. Even the patient can know your schedule and fix a time to meet you which saves patients’ time as well.

Spending more time with patients makes a positive impact on patients. Sometimes a patient needs some motivation to choose the hard life and change the lifestyle for the sake of treatment which may result in good healthcare and a better treatment. This indicates the importance of spending some extra time with patients. Truth is you can’t turn 24 hours into 25 hours but can manage to save some time from being wasted and it’s possible with these 5 strategies.

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