Plan your Vacation
May 2018

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Plan your Vacation

Working in the field of healthcare means having hectic, shift-based schedules. However, taking some time to rest and recharge is crucial for your physical and mental health as a physician.

When you plan your life, make sure to check with the hospital or even your private practice the vacation policy. Make arrangements with colleagues and supervisors to maintain rotating schedules and the availability of other medical staff members to cover shifts while taking some time off. It might be harder when you are a sole practitioner, but not impossible.

Vacation policy might differ from institute to another and from country to another, but the basics are the same. Chief Doctors schedule vacations in a master plan for all practitioners, and usually, you know your vacation time a few months ahead of time. Here are some tips on planning your next vacation:

  1. Focus on quality time

If your plan is to spend some quality time with your family, friends or significant other, consider visiting a place where you can have different activities to satisfy everyone. For example, a resort that offers a casino, horseback riding or hiking activities. If you and your companions are into more adventurous activities, many resorts around the world offer diving, kayaking and other adventurous excursions.


  1. Consider Learning Vacations

Yes, you can learn while vacationing! Many continuous education conferences and learning activities provide many entertainment opportunities for doctors while studying for their continuing education points.


  1. Plan some Rejuvenating Activities

Remember the primary purpose of your vacation; to relax, recharge and defuse. Make sure to book some rejuvenating de-stressing activities while on vacation to avoid burnout. An excellent massage, some spa time, or spending some relaxing time at the beach could be great ideas. Also, you need to maintain your health while on vacation by eating healthy, get enough sleep and avoid extreme sports. In the end, you do not need to spend a fortune on a real vacation; you only need proper planning. Many hotels and flight companies and resorts offer special off-season rates. If your vacation is planned during one of the off-season, you can save a lot of many while spending quality and happy time.


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