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Physicians life need to be balanced

Physicians are way too much busy to have a personal life, spending holidays, having a regular recreation. No one would like to look through a physician’s personal life as it is full of business, less time for family members, less fun in life. Physicians sacrifice a part of their life just to serve people and for the mankind. Here is a discussion about a physician’s personal life, problems and way to solve them.


  • Physicians and their relationship


In recent times, several surveys show that physician- the relationship status of the female physician has been increased enormously. Physician now like to have a life partner of the same profession. It is the reality that they have to face. Both can help each other and understand well than others which is the reason of this fact.


  • Physicians and their identity or image


Physicians have to think of their image and identity along with other issues. A physician’s personal life, acts, behaviour causes an impact on patients. That is why they have to be very disciplined and punctual in both personal and working life.



  • The rough side of worklife balance


A physician should be ready for any kind of imbalance in work-life relation. They have to prepare thinking that things will not always be in balance. A physician should have a good sense of humour which is essential for him to make a good environment and a jolly mood around him which will give him some hope in both the personal and working life. A physician also has to inspire himself to prevent breakdown.


  • Physicians schedule


Physicians should have a scheduled life, a very tight and disciplined scheduled life. Maintenance of schedule is important. Mixture of work and personal life may result in disappointment. Working and personal life must be scheduled perfectly and they must not get mixed.


  • Physicians family life


Physician’s family life is always less prior to him rather than working life. A physician has to deal with patients most of the time and he gets a very little time to spend with family. Even sometimes they are not aware of family events and often miss family party for the sake of work which results in misunderstanding between physicians and their family members.


  • Physicians, their family and society


Physicians have both the duty towards family and society. The treatment process of a society is hold by physicians so they have a great role to play. But every physician is a father/mother, brother/sister, husband/wife and these relations should not be forgotten for the sake of work. Usually a physician cannot maintain this all but it is equally important for them to keep everything in mind about both the family, personal life and responsibility towards society.


As we all have the right to have a personal life full with love with our beloved persons, so do the doctors. Here we will see some steps implementing which results in a better personal life for the physicians.


Some common issue to fix worklife balance


  1. 01. Learn to say no
  2. 02. Differentiate your work life and personal life
  3. 03. Keep your work out of home
  4. 04. Maintain a standard for a work-life better balance
  5. 05. Spend more time with family like having a family tour or recreation
  6. 06. Make a list of things which are important to you
  7. 07. Have some regular vacation to get rid of stress


After all it is easily understood that life of a physicians is full of difficulties but with some proper or scheduled or disciplined way, their lives can get better and work-life balance can be more stable.

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