Phases every medical student goes through
Jun 2018

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Phases every medical student goes through

The profession of medicine is one of the most famous and sought after professions of today. And it is highly rewarding in terms of both satisfaction and financial aspects. However, in order to become a doctor, an aspiring student has to overcome various challenges and hurdles. A medical student has to go through innumerable phases in order to reach the final step of becoming a doctor.


The acceptance phase:

You have worked your way through high school and applied to your dream medical college. You spend all of your days and nights preparing for the admission test and finally, the day of the test comes. You go in with high hopes and attempt the test with the best of your knowledge. And then you wait for the result. When the result comes and you find out that you have been selected, you are over the moon. You are excited and nervous both at the same time as you are entering a very important and significant phase of your life.


The first two years:

You have made it into your dream college and you are now in a new and totally different environment with lots of new people who are aspiring to become a doctor just like you. You make new friends and share with them your views about the upcoming years of vigorous training. The first two years are mostly spent in the classrooms and the laboratories where the courses you take will equip you with all the fundamentals you need to know about medicine and patient care.


The second two years:

The second two years are mostly spent in clinics or hospitals in order to learn all the fundamentals of the specialties which students can then opt for after medical school. The students learn problem-solving and communication skills, professionalism, medical ethics, prevention, and care. The third-year students have to take the compulsory courses but the fourth year students can choose the areas which interest them. Students can then figure out which specialty they want to opt for according to their interest and ability.


The final test:

After all the years of rigorous testing and training, the medical students are then required to go through the final phase, i.e. the final examinations that they must take and pass to show that they are now ready and equipped with all the knowledge needed to step into the practical world of medicine.


The practicing phase:

After you are done with medical school and have accomplished a major milestone in your life, you then enter the practicing phase where you get yourself licensed as a practicing physician and start working at a clinic or hospital. You are now finally a doctor and you dedicate yourself to this extremely noble and honorable profession and making the lives of all those in pain or distress much better with your skill and knowledge.


The transitioning phase:

Throughout your life, you continue to learn and grow as each new patient gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise in the field. You may even go for further studies. You constantly move from one to rank to the other as you work your way through the field of medicine.

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