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Patients Need Compassion – So Do Doctors and Nurses

Healthcare providers are expected to give their services anytime and anywhere, and it isn’t that they don’t accept their responsibility. Doctors and nurses realize how important their presence is for the patients and how they have the ability to make people’s lives better by making them healthy. The duty which they have is not an easy one because, in it, their personal life is the one which gets sacrificed as all of their time and energy is spent treating the patients.

Can doctors or nurses afford to get too attached to patients?

Every day of their routine is filled with needy patients, complaints, upset colleagues, amateur interns and a lot more. It all crowds in their mind and the burden never comes to an end, it just keeps on being carried to the coming days. They cannot afford to get too attached to their patients or their family and therefore let their emotions out to any of them. Every day they come across a patient or two that are fighting between life and death and despite knowing the truth, they cannot be honest with the kids or show their concern. A doctor can never be too emotionally attached to a patient because it will only make it more difficult for them to carry the treatment process. For how long will these doctors pretend that the lives of their patients and whatever goes on with does not affect their own lives? From surgeons who haven’t had their sleep to nurses who have to be on their feet all day long, the emergency physician who has to come running at one call and the harried intensive care doctor; the magnitude of their life’s work is just too much for a normal person to handle.

The more the stress the more the chances of mistakes

Stress and burnout are something which is common in a doctor’s life, and despite that amount of trouble going on in their head, they still have to go to work and attend patients. For them, it is almost forbidden to show how they are being affected by that pressure but we can’t deny the fact that they actually do get affected. The worse the burnout, the more likely that doctor is to make a mistake.

Doctors are not miracle machines

The reason why all of this is becoming worse is that we all have this thinking for doctors being some sort of miracle machines which are not supposed to get tired or feel anything. It is for us to realize that for the doctors or healthcare providers protecting their emotional health is most important. When they show compassion for themselves, only then will they be able to show compassion to their patients. It isn’t a sin for them to take some time off and rejuvenate their mind so that they can start fresh and active. When they have committed their lives to be kind to patients, it is only fair that they be kind to themselves too once in every while. Juggling patients and family life are no easy work for them, and they should be allowed to take a rest, for they too are humans just like us.

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