Medical Professionals – What You Say Does Not Matter but How You Say Does
Feb 2019

Doctors are the most important people in everyone’s life as every human at some point in life suffers from the minor or major illness. Health physicians are famous for providing the right guidelines about medicines and afterwards precautions for maintaining a healthy life. However, there are many doctors out in the medical field who show arrogance to their patients. They take advantage of their superiority during the checkup and therefore, they sometimes use a tone with patients that bring them in anxiety.  It is the reason a doctors’ is more known with the famous proverb “It’s not what you say but how you say it.”

Showing Respect through Communication

The conversation between a doctor and a patient is not an ordinary meeting. It is a special session where the doctors describe the state of patient’s health so the patient can direct towards the treatment. It is the point where the patient who is a receiver of information wants more than the knowledge of medical reports and the recommendation of the doctor. It is the respect that the physician can show at the moment when the patient enters in the checkup room. These are the welcoming, warm words by the doctor that reduces the worries of the patient. The patient becomes stable of conversing about his state with a positive attitude if the doctors keep the tone of respect in her/his daily practice.

Clear Message

The hard reality of this profession is that you would come with both positive and negative news for the patient. A good doctor tries his level best for saving the life of the patient, but if there is no chance of survival or recovery, then the doctor must convey it to the patient. However, again the message should be full of concern about the patient. The patient should know that the physician has tried and she/he is kind enough to encourage the patient to face the difficult times. The doctor can console the patient with explaining the problem in a way that he/she knows the condition of the patient. The doctor needs to maintain a constructive feedback with the patient. A new physician can follow the below-mentioned pattern for a good conversation with his patients.

Grab the attention of patient by describing the agenda of checkup that whether it is for investigating more symptoms or describing the condition. Elicit the suffering, the effects of medicines, and the hope of recovery in a clear way. Remain empathetic while communicating with the patient. Carefully recommend the medication and keep a good pace while explaining the use of medicines. Explain the steps of medical care so the patients can care more about him. Keep checking the understanding of patient to see whether he/she can understand what the doctor wants him to comprehend. Convey the message in such a way that looks more active and beneficial for the patient. Maintain a healthy relationship with patients for the maintenance of the repute of medical profession as it is for caring others.

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