Jun 2017

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7 Medical Devices that Changed the World

Inventions in any field of science have always been important. However, the invention in the medical field is of particular importance as it is closely related to human survival. At times, a very important but minor invention is taken for granted. Below is the list of medical devices which are of utter importance and helped the human treat their illnesses effectively:






The thermometer is a simplest yet most useful advice which is used to measure the temperature of human body. It has not been clear in the history that who invented the thermometer, however, it worked on the principle of thermoscope which was invented by Galileo. It is made of two Greek word thermos means warm and meter to measure.





Hypodermic means under the skin and hypodermic needle refers to the needles used to put drugs in the body through the veins in the body. Intravenous medication has been used for centuries. Greeks and Romans were the ones to use the method for the first time. Nowadays hypodermic needles are used with syringes for inoculation of fluids and medicines. 




Scholars have always used glasses or spectacles for past two centuries. People used to correct their vision impairment by holding their glasses in their hands, back in the day. Now spectacles have been prepared to prevent the struggle of holding glasses in hands. Advancement in science has also provided us with bifocal glasses which correct both near and far sightedness. 


    Rontegn discovered X-rays for the first time and found out that these electromagnetic radiations can pass through a lot of different things which are dense in the presence of ordinary light. Since the invention of X-rays, these are used for the betterment of bones. X-rays are also used in radiotherapy and teeth problems by radiologist and dentist.


    The Cardiac pacemaker, which is without a doubt an incredibly useful invention and has saved many lives since it was first invented. It was invented by doctors from Australia, and the device controls the heartbeat of the patient. The device is implanted along with the person’s heart and regulates patient’s heartbeat.



    The hearing aid or the hearing instrument was first invented Hutchinson in 1899 and was designed to magnify sounds for hearing impaired people. However, the first hearing aid instrument was not that handy as much as it has become now. First hearing aid was large enough to put on a table. With the advancement of science, now the hearing aid has become so small that it can be placed in the ear of the patient.



    Diabetes has become the most widely spread chronic condition in the past few decades, and the patients who have diabetes need to monitor and control their blood sugar level. Before the invention of this device, people needed to go to doctors to get their blood sugar level checked, but blood glucose monitors have saved the trouble of going to doctors. Blood glucose monitors are made to be user-friendly so everybody (people with lower literacy rate) can use it.

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