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Life of a doctor: The good, the bad and the ugly sides

The medical profession is described as a dignified profession since ages. Though the life of doctors is filled with esteem, admiration, smugness, and sanctuary, but the sheen of this profession is vanishing with every upcoming day because of the mixture of unprofessional conduct adopted by the doctors.

Becoming a doctor is not an effortless stride in the green. It embraces momentous time and money frenzied to fabricate your career, the autocratic desires of the job, the hassle of elongated working hours, night shifts, facing demise circumstances and the escalating expenditure of malpractices coalesce to create the panorama of doctor relatively intimidating.

Nevertheless, there are approximately 55,000 students who grab the opportunity to become a doctor who earns a handsome amount. Looking at the recent scenario there are more than 8,50,000 doctors practicing in the USA. Let us have a look at the trinity of doctors life.


The Good

There are series of good things that a doctor enjoy during his lifetime. Predominantly, doctors have unique specialization which is decidedly required, providing them exceptional job sanctuary. According to the Merritt Hawkins data, the specialized doctors in the USA earn on an average an annual base salary of $512,000 which is extraordinarily attractive pay giving doctors a sagacity of economic refuge. Furthermore, the human rapport between doctors and patients generates a wisdom of conceit and triumph. The doctors are privileged as “God’s Angel”. Also, with the new-fangled discoveries in the field of science and technology, it has flushed in distinctive challenges in the field of medical and thus have shaped exhilarating prospects for the doctor to discover and explore their art.


The Bad

Doctors usually treat patients with a smirk on their face, but they may be vulnerable to transmittable infection and virus mounting anxiety for the doctor’s health. Patients actions may also cause grievance to the doctors. A patient anguish from psychological turmoil may rope out with brutality creating inadvertent jeopardy and injury to the doctor. Having an equilibrium between the requirements and wishes of patients with the observance of the decree and ethical demeanour can be a multifarious task. Thus, if the doctor desires to eliminate a meticulous therapy which may have pessimistic side effects on patients wellbeing, they cannot because of the horror of ramification. Finally, the worst part of being a doctor is facing the lawsuit. Doctors phizog an ill-fated panorama of getting sued by the patient or his family if the circumstances are contradictory to what the patients family stipulated.


The Ugly

Being a doctor is not without a prospective snag, though. The doctors involve themselves into malpractices to earn an additional chunk of money causing the risk to the life of patients. A recent study by American Medical Association narrates that until the age of 65 years, 75% of physicians with fewer menace specialization have visage a malpractice allegation in contrast to 99% of physicians with soaring peril specialty. Patients are subjugated by black market organ trade in the name of susceptible, frantic and dicey surgeries. Kidneys are the largest traded organ and the most shameful aspect of doctors life is that they even sell the aborted child to earn extra money.

Thus, the noble profession has now converted into business for many doctors. Doctors Association and Social Activists are urging the administration to take the relevant measure in this regard as one dirty fish spoils the pond.

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