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When a high school graduate enters into the competitive field of medicine for the very first time in his life, he carries a backpack full of thick books heavier than his weight, sharper than his wit, and harder than his jigsaw puzzle. He does not know what is waiting for him, and he does not know what doctors all over the world go through to get to the top-notch spot, all he knows is that he is hell-bent and he is hell-bent to go through it all and come out a winner. On his way to the dormitory, he read on a noticeboard, “As doctors, they have to be in the know however as humans, sometimes, it is best suited to stay in the dark. Because in the dark, there is fear but also hope.”

  1. 1. CURSE OR BOON?

                A two-faced person has two sides to his behaviour, just as a coin has its two surfaces. Any possibility has its pros and cons to offer and for you to choose- declared a professor in his first class. Similarly, knowledge has two dimensions, one as a boon, second as a curse. Knowledge acts a curse if you feel fear before doing something. Knowledge acts a boon, if you know your step can prove useful and not harmful to the patient! It is a boon, if the high school graduate knows what a disease looks like in a sick person and knows how to cure it. It is a curse, if he exaggerates a simple symptom like the common cold for as gruesome as COPD/ARDS- these being the most dangerous forms of a respiratory disease.


                Fear takes a peculiar toll on the high school graduate, he begins to put things for tomorrow not acknowledging for a fact that tomorrow is a distant illusion, it may not arrive and that postponing things for tomorrow will spoil today. The kinds of fear which keep him at bay are rejection, pain, failure, harming patients, missing out on opportunities, and the list is endless.

  1. 3. DAMAGE, THEN?

                We all go through the long inventory of issues in life like a terribly clumsy creature living in a delicate situation, and for starters, take our very own high school graduate. He did damage to others as much others did to him, the cycle of karma he never broke, at times he could fix the damage, but sometimes, he could not even see it coming. The point being here, if he knows the damage, then he can know how to fix it. It will keep him attuned to life.


                “To truly understand and appreciate the medical field, one needs to give up on many things in life. So, before you get into a battlefield, you better decide how much you are willing to let go.”      The high school graduate read on a noticeboard. And, saw it happening as he gave up on many things in life to better the lives of his patients. He concluded his study by reading a quote on the bench he occupied, “It takes knowledge, dedication and hard work on his part. Knowledge about what is right and what is wrong. Dedication for the patient. And, hard work in knowing the course of the illness.” Knowledge is power, provided you know what to sacrifice and what to keep, he thought to himself.

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