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Keep your time managed to fix physician-patient relationships

Time is everything. The person who utilizes his time the most or can manage his time the most, his success is obvious. The relationship between a physician and a patient goes down when there is a problem with mutual trust. The physician-patient relationship is fundamental for a better treatment were the understandings between physician and patient matter.

A physician should have both scientific knowledge (medical knowledge) and technical abilities along with human nature. A patient should be treated neither like a group of symptoms nor like a damaged organ. Most importantly the fact which should be brought under consideration is they are a human being and they deserve to be treated like that.

Help, hope, relief, and trust that’s all a patient want about from his/her physician.

Necessity or importance of Physician-Patient relationship:

The patient-physician relationship is way too much important in case of a proper health plan. When there is a good relationship between physician-patient the treatment gets quiet easier and effective with efficiency. Here the importance of the physician-patient relationship is delivered –

  • For the purpose of a better treatment
  • For the sake of speedy and effective health plan
  • To create efficiency in the treatment of the patient
  • To gain the trust of the patient
  • For a better time management
  • To gain self-respect for each other
  • To avoid stuffy situations etc.


Proper utilization of time:

As the growing population makes it tough for the physician to make their time as the ratio for patient and physician is out of whack. Let’s discuss the proper utility of time and how to make the physician’s time worth it.

  • Learn to say no
  • Plan your schedule
  • Use technology for time-saving and easy operating
  • Communicate with patient
  • Consult your patient
  • Inspire your patient
  • Prioritize your work day
  • Manage personal and professional lifetime


Enhancement of physician-patient relationship through time management:

  • Listen to the patient very carefully and minutely
  • Avoid cutting off patient’s narrative
  • Allow silence if the patient is looking for the word
  • Avoid criticizing, arguing or threatening a patient
  • Sit calmly in front of the patient and speak with a gentle tone with a smile on the face
  • Ask clarifying questions before shifting to new topics
  • Think deeply of patients’ problem instead of forming an immediate response
  • Ask for pardon if a patient is upset with something like waiting too long

When there is a intersect or clash of personal and professional time, there is a bad effect on the physician-patient relationship. So the time must be managed with proper accuracy or accurately.

The patient must have faith in his physicians so that he can make himself free and tension free under the physician. A physician must create an impact on his patient that the patient can believe that his doctor can remove his disease and this trust must be earned for the sake of functioning health plan and quick treatment and relief. The patient-physician relationship is based on mutual respect, knowledge, and trust.

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