How female physicians keep peace with the system
Jun 2018

There is no way to deny the tough life of physicians and how hard path they have to go through but when it comes to the female physician, it gets tougher. Comparing other professions for female, this is statically proved that female physicians have to go through a very hard time in their profession. Excessive workload, mental health, and burnout incidents are the reasons for this tough life of female physicians.


Let’s see the difficulties or the impact of mental health, workload and burnout incidents on female physicians-


Difficulties in medicine career for female physicians:


  • Increasing workload creating extra pressure on physicians especially on female physician
  • Reduction of job satisfaction is going down day by day
  • Difficulties in working condition or situation such as hospital’s working condition, relation with senior or junior doctors and staffs
  • Stress is a reason which results in very badly as suicide
  • Managing patients especially dead
  • Burnout making the situation out of whack for female physicians
  • Lack of sleep for excessive workload and pressure
  • Loneliness in profession


As they face a bad situation more often with the extra workload, burnout incidents it also impacts on physicians. Let’s see how they might affect a female physician’s life-


Results of going through a hard time in work for female physician:


  • Suicide attempts are taken among female physician more than any other female occupation
  • Substance abuse
  • Work-life conflict making it harder for a female physician to keep pace with personal and working life
  • Negative work attitudes result in from depression
  • Poor mental health results in from burnout incident mostly
  • Lack of confidence occurs from dealing with dead people such as blaming thyself for the death
  • Depression results in suicide in medicine career for female rather than any other career
  • Mental health disorder may occur from not having enough rest or mental recreation
  • Increased Sleep disorders are another form of problem which is resulting in from depression, lack of confidence, less sleeping time.


Several steps can be taken to reduce these problems and ensuring both a better person and working life.


Some necessary steps to be taken-

  1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  2. Implementing an effective schedule
  3. Making a more balanced work-life
  4. Having vacations
  5. Spending more time with family members
  6. Recharge yourself perfectly to avoid burnout
  7. Avoiding excessive workload such as fixing a target for each week
  8. Get rid of depression
  9. Watch some motivational speech to inspire and encourage yourself
  10. Have a treatment if you are facing any kind of biological or mental disturbance etc.


At the end, it’s statically proved that a female physician suffers from unsound mental health, burnout incidents, and excessive workload more than any other profession. It can’t be solved without the help of the surroundings of female physicians. Some steps which are described above can be followed to take these problems out of the park.


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