Here is how you can reduce medication errors by 82%
Mar 2019

According to a recent study which was carried out, it has been reported that the most emergency cases which come in, regarding the usage of harmful drugs, lead to the figures like 100000 people getting hospitalized and 700000 visits. This information has been given by The US Department of Health and Human Services. The large numbers of pharmacists, who are available at the clinics at all time, work in such a way that they are minimizing the occurrence of any medical errors. Since their area of expertise is in the hospital, while prescribing and disposing of medicines in an effective manner.

The error can be reduced in the following ways:

Realizing that medication error exists: 
First and foremost it is crucial for doctors and the faculty of hospitals, to realize whether or not these exist in their hospital. This is the same as if an alcoholic wouldn’t admit himself to be one; therefore the treatment cannot be carried out. The base needs to be settled first. Similarly, if the hospital does not recognize their area of problem, it will not be possible for them to work towards the reduction of errors.

There are certain treatments at the hospital which you need to go for no matter what, although there is no doubt about the fact that some of them come with side effects as well. But for the sake of the patient's life, those actions need to be performed. A good example of this could be the general belief of doctors that the use of naloxone is the cost of performing business which is not true because in such cases a choice is not being made between whether to control the pain an effective manner, or the stoppage of breathing. There can be the existence of both, effective control of pain and the patient having a respiratory system which works just fine. No hospital can say that they have eliminated problems completely, this can only happen if no one is getting sick any more or if people have stopped dying.

Usage of standardized ordered sets:

This step for reducing the risks of errors is carried out so that there are no errors caused by humans, as well as eliminate those errors. There is no doubt whatsoever that the world is full of knowledge, and recent advancements which have taken place have made it easier to overcome the crisis.

Therefore there are a lot of solutions and ways of treatment present out there, making it the duty of doctors to choose the best among them. They should want the best for their patients and not the second best, as the second best comes with certain risks attached. It is sad that nowadays those best practices are not being practiced much by hospitals. What needs to be done in this case is that those very practices need to be adopted by all and that too in such a way which helps to make it operation worthy with approval from various organizations. You can add them in all of your systems around the hospitals. 

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