Five must-have apps for successful doctors
May 2017

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Five must-have apps for successful doctors

Smartphones became the most used gadget for almost everyone and doctors are no exception. Your smartphone can help you efficiently manage your time, increase your productivity and give you quick access to valuable knowledge to excel at work and life.

1. Evernote

Evernote is by far one of the best apps that can help you boost your productivity. The free app enables you to store all your notes in one place. You can use it to capture your thoughts and ideas on the go.

While browsing the internet, Evernote allows you to save articles, websites or any other material including multimedia and presentations.


Managing your schedule is a fundamental skill as a successful doctor. enables you to schedule and chunk your day, set reminders and create to-do lists. The sleek interface makes using this app as easy as possible and it synchronizes across all your devices.

3. Epocrates

Epocrates is the number one app for physicians with more than one million users. This app helps you to get information on drugs, connect with consultants and other physicians and receive advice from peers. Although the app is free, for advanced functionalities, you need to make an investment and purchase an annual subscription.

4. Patient Keeper

Wouldn’t be efficient to have all the data of your patient in your pocket? Patient Keeper allows you to access your patients’ data anytime using your smartphone. You can also link it your clinic workflow.

In a glance, you can review patient summary, lab and test results, clinical notes, allergies and other valuable information and data that will help you provide the best healthcare service possible.

5. DynaMed

At the point-of-care such as in a hospital or in a clinic, as a doctor you might need to access some medical information and reference materials; DynaMed provides doctors with evidence-based reviewed contents at the tip of your fingers. Contents include research database, magazines, journals, eBooks, and digital archives.


We are always reminded to work smarter not harder, but for doctors, they need to work both smarter and harder. Trying to balance a heavy schedule with demanding career and being up-to-date is a delicate balance, the five apps we shared with you in this article will give you a strong start to manage your life and career effectively.

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