Five Great Reasons to Become A Doctor!
Oct 2018

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Five Great Reasons to Become A Doctor!

There are plenty of great reasons to become a doctor. It is after all one of the most popular career choices out there, and the competition for places at medical school is growing ever more intense. This then, the fact that so many people want to be doctors, should be proof that there are ample reasons why it’s a great idea to become one!

And yet… with the high competition, the demanding entry requirements to this field and the long hours of study, sometimes it can be hard to remember why you got into this field in the first place.

Whether you’re considering applying to medical school, are there already or have even qualified, here is a quick rundown of just why it’s so awesome to be a doctor!

The People

People don’t talk about a doctor’s bedside manner being important for no reason! If you have great personal skills, you’ll definitely get the chance to use them when you’re a doctor. If you don’t already, then you certainly will acquire them very quickly. Your relationships with your patients and your colleagues are a big part of why it’s great to be a doctor.

Help People

Yes, it’s kind of corny isn’t it – but at the same time, it’s why we all do what we do. the ability to take an active role in the healing process is both a very rare ability – and one which will bring great joy and a sense of belonging to your life. If you ask most doctors, then this will probably be near to the top of why they wanted to become a doctor in the first place – and why they continue to practice to this day.


Somewhat connected to the people section above, but this time focusing solely on your colleagues. Being a doctor is certainly not a lonely job! In fact, it is near impossible to do it well by yourself. A dedicated team of nurses, specialists and other support staff will surround you at all times. Even if you go into general practice, your surgery will probably have a reception team, perhaps a nurse or two and a chemist or physiotherapist in lager surgeries. The knowledge that you are never truly alone; that there are always dedicated professionals around you ready to help you can be a very powerful feeling indeed.

Stability & Opportunity

  These are days of increasing change. Many careers that used to provide stable, lifelong employment are disappearing as a result of new technologies and automation. Being a doctor however is to join a profession that humanity will almost certainly always need. At the same time, medicine is not a career that will force you to stand still. Far from it, even when you’ve qualified you are only really opening the door to a wealth of new opportunities to train or go onto new specialisms. You also have the option of moving to a different country should you wish – there are few countries in the world which will not welcome a qualified doctor with open arms!

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