Doctor Social Networking Sites Every Physician Should Know About
May 2018

Social Media has become an integral part of everyone’s life nowadays. Anyone can find information about anything on social media if he/she is a doctor, engineer, student or belongs to any other walk of life. However, if you are a doctor and not in touch with these social networking sites, you might be missing out on the really important stuff. Here are the six social networking sites that every physician should know about and use:


Also known as the “virtual doctors’ lounge,” Sermo provides the doctors with a place to discuss their profession and collaborate on the matters of common interest. The website has more than 550,000 users and one of the top choice of all the health care professionals of the world.

The site includes doctors from different countries like Canada, Colombia, America, England, South Africa, Europe, Chile, etc. Sermo also intends to expand its access to other countries. The site has all the “credentialed” doctors and is the most popular site among doctors. Sermo provides answers to all the questions relating to medical knowledge, and it also provides anonymity to the doctors.



The site has more than 500,000 of regular users. It has been claimed by the company that 60% of the doctors from the United States of America use this social network. The best feature of the site is that it connects the person to the physicians who know you like people from schools, roommates, class-fellows, etc. The site has combined features of Facebook and LinkedIn.


 Daily Rounds

It has more than 30000 users, and it has both the characteristics of a social networking site and a medical journal. It works on both iOS and Android. Doctors can collaborate on the website too and discuss case files with one another. A drug database can also be accessed using this site.



The website has around 200,000 users and provides access to expert doctors from various hospitals in the USA. This website allows the physician to share medical wisdom and provide help to those who need it. A new post can be started for asking the essential question and doctors, and physicians can learn, discuss, share and collaborate using their mobile, tablets or desktops.




It is a specific utility site with more than 500,000 users, and it targeted the population of physicians, students, surgeons and other professionals related to healthcare. The website has users from 100 different countries. The website allows you to upload the picture of the person you are dealing with to get some help from other senior healthcare professionals. Hence it is given the name Figure1. The website is a great source of information for people who live in distant areas where they do not have access to different doctors and can’t share cases with other professionals. It gives privacy by maintaining the anonymity of the patients.



6. Incision Academy

It is also a specific utility site and has more than 500 users. It is basically for the surgeons to share their methods of surgery. The website is more like a learning platform for the surgeons. Surgeons and doctors from different places share their knowledge of surgical techniques. The video message from the company explains that “Sharing surgical skills will improve the quality of surgical care.”






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