Choosing a gift when there is a Doctor involved.
May 2017

Giving a gift can create the same amount of warm heartedness as it does when receiving a gift. It is a selfless act of something that is voluntarily transferred from one person to the other. Gifts are an important part of human interaction and can be a token of appreciation, to say thank you or simply to bring individuals together by giving without expectation. Whether you have the privilege to know a doctor, know someone that wants to become a doctor, have the aspiration for your little one to be a doctor one day or if you are a doctor, there are always reasons for giving or receiving gifts. This does not exclude the option of buying yourself a gift once in a while. We are allowed to spoil ourselves without feeling bad about it.

ThanksDoctor doesn’t only have gifts for doctors, they have gifts for anyone with a lifestyle connected to the medical industry. If you know someone that is a nurse, dentist or even a little one that loves playing doctor-doctor, there will be something you can get them to put a smile on their face and leave a mark on their heart.

Deciding on a gift can cause a lot of distress, because sure it is the thought that counts, but the good feeling is amplified if the gift is practical and won’t just end up in a drawer somewhere. That is the particular reason behind what makes this site so unique and exceptional.


Have a look at some of the gift options they have:




This Heart-Shaped Jaster USB Flash Drive will make any woman’s heart sing with joy. Being a busy woman, the last thing on the list is remembering the flash drive, this way you won’t have that problem ever again and you don’t have to hang a lanyard around your neck to make sure your important files are with you. This stunning piece comes in different colours and storage sizes to adapt to different needs and personalities.


The Smile Face Pocket Watch will make the side of any nurse’s mouth curl upwards and even exposing the teeth. This high quality clip on watch comes in various colours and is convenient to carry around or can be clipped to your pocket.


This is a EKG Rhythm Star Of Life Black Men’s Ring that displays the electrocardiogram’s spikes and dips. This ring is a representation of healthcare professionals’ belief in healthy lifestyles. The perfect gift for Him.


Ensure that your iPhone is protected with this Caduceus Medical Symbol Silicone Case Cover. This symbol is a powerful way to show how doctors have great care for others. The cover is compatible with many iPhone models.


These Short Sleeve Baby Boy/Girl Doctor Jumpsuit will make the perfect gift for someone in the medical industry with a baby on the way. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


These are just 5 examples of many more exciting things to find on this site. A gift is to simply say: “Thank you.”, and let’s face it, we owe doctors and everyone in the medical care a lot of: “Thank you”s. They save lives or have the dream to save lives one day. Say thanks with a gift that will reflect your appreciation the way it should.

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